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And looking to save some money, inexpensive ink refill kits might be your solution.

It also is good for the environment. Each refill kit comes with 2 full refills.

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All of their inkjet refill kits are cartridge specific and not so called "universal refill kits. Actually it is LD Products' business name, founded in As 4Inkjets says, they have made customer satisfaction their number one goal.

They have experienced large growth over the last six years for a important part due to satisfied customers. Get your printer ink or toner for a low price Plus coupon code and fast shipping by clicking this image: Look there in the list for your printermodel, click on it and use the couponcode at checkout.

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Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! Buhelo is the best source of inkjets coupon codes. If you order ink from inkjets. The quality of the ink is satisfactory, and the cartridge lasts even longer. Not only do they make shopping for printer supplies really easy, they offer huge discounts. This is why for most people, shopping from Inkjets is a no-brainer deal.

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They also offer inkjet refill kits. This is a great service because ink refilling saves money! I remember when I bought my first inkjet printer, a Lexmark Impact S, the ink cartridge emptied really fast. That means, after purchasing ink cartridges 3 times I had basically paid for a whole new printer. How absurd!

Of course, I later learned that reducing the ink included in the printer cartridges about 5 times or more in the last 8 years is a tricky policy of the big printer companies that want to make more money. In fact, they have even added a chip that blocks the function of a refilled cartridge.

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This is why I couldn't use refilled cartridges for my Lexmark printer. That was a big lesson for me which I want to pass on to you. Before you buy a printer, first make sure that this particular brand and model allows you to use refilled cartridges. Otherwise, you will be spending ridiculous money for ink.

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After I bought ink two times for my Lexmark printer and realizing the rip off, I put the printer aside. I bought an HP one that works great with refilled ink cartridges. The company has been in the industry for 15 years now.