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Our Testimonials. The Warp Zone to the Sacred Land's location is found in the Southwestern part of your starting location. Choose the path to the left and head to it. The Warp Zone is surrounded by ice which in turn, is surrounded by red branches. The owls will direct you where you need to go. Use the directions they give you when you are given a choice on branching paths. These will lead you to the pond in the swamp area. When you are in front of the pond, push forward to dive into it. You will then emerge in a small location with a lone spirit.

Defeat this spirit to unblock the road to the Southeasternmost part of the swamp. There are three characters that you need to defeat in order for Ganon's castle to be revealed. Young Link is found at the end of the newly unblocked road in the foggy swamp area. The Lake will feature torches that you can light. When trying to mark the lake for according to the owl, use the shorter hand to mark the hour, and the longer hand to mark the minutes!

Zelda will be the second character you need to unlock. One prerequisite for you to be able to find her is to defeat the enemy in the middle of the lake!

Deals From the Darkside

This will take away the rock blocking your path to her! Cloud will be blocking your way to the Master Sword so you need to beat him! Interact with the Master Sword to vanquish the darkness. This will reveal a new area at the top, where you need to face a normal Ganondorf to reveal the Boss Ganon's castle! Young Link has fast reflexes and attacks.

You are alone a lot

He can also jump quickly and move with ease. It will be easy for him to navigate around the map especially during this boss fight! Ganon's weak point is it his glowing tail. You will need to get up and around Ganon to damage him as hitting other parts of his body doesn't work! There will be a time that Ganon will fall to his knees for a few moments.

If this happens, that means that you will have an opportunity to hit his tail for an extended period of time. Do not waste this moment and get to work! When Ganon starts charging his next attack, and his mouth starts to emit particles, that means his next attack will be a strong beam! Your best bet is to shield, but time it well since a weakened shield will not protect you! Ganon may start charging at you. Getting hit by this could send you flying out of the stage. When he roars, start jumping away! Get high enough to evade his charge and back away since he also damages you when he returns.

This may be a tricky attack to evade since it does not have a long charge time, but when Ganon's swords turn blue, jump out of the way! You can also shield if you didn't react quickly enough! Ganon has a lot of attacks that deal damage in the area around him.

Everytime he starts an attack, always back away. He has a pretty long lull before his next attack so you can do your damage then. There will be a section that will cover your character in clouds.

Deals From The Darkside

It will be in the area with broken gears. It also features red rocks like rubies protruding from the center. Ghosts look like dark shadows with eyes. Going near them will teleport you back to your starting position in the area. It is best not to go near them if you are trying to get to Dracula as fast as possible!

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The first Cannon you should use will be the first one when you enter the Castle. This will destroy the first ghost and clear up a path for you up the pillar! The second Cannon you need to use will be in the underground area. There will be a structure housing three cannons. Head up to the second floor of that structure, and use the cannon to the right.

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The new path will then open.