Magento coupon setup

Example 1. Step 2 : Expand the Conditions section and do the following:.

Final Thoughts

Change the default is condition to greater than. Step 3 : Proceed to the next section called Actions. In the Apply field, select Fixed amount discount for whole cart. Click Save once all of the values have been included. Below is a screenshot illustrating how our Conditions and Actions should look like:. Example 2. Step 2 : Leave the Conditions sections unchanged and move straight to the Actions section. Step 3 : Apply the following settings in the Actions section:.

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Apply the Percent of product price discount option;. Set the Discount Amount to Leave the Maximum Qty Discount is applied to with its default value of o. Move on to the Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions section and select SKU from the drop-down menu. Click Save once the whole process is complete.

How to Add Discount Code to Checkout in Magento

Below are 2 screenshots illustrating how our Conditions and Actions should look like at the end:. Apart from the tools used to create your coupons, Magento 2 platform also offers an effective instrument for analyzing the performance of your coupon campaigns. The respective reporting tools also allow site admins to filter results for a specific store view, time, order status, and price rule.

Step 2 : Choose your preferred Store View using the respective menu located on the upper-left corner of the page; Step 3 : Fill in the sections with the information you will need to filter the results: either by Date Used , Period , Cart Price Rule , Order Status or any other :. Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Joomla Extensions.

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All rights reserved. For example, if you are using FedEx:. Do the same for all the other carriers you intend to use for free shipping. From the Admin sidebar, select Marketing. Under Promotions , select Cart Price Rules. A new page for Cart Price Rules will open.

How to create a "Free Shipping" coupon in Magento 2 -

Here you can edit your current discount rules or add new ones. Select Add New Rules to setup a new free shipping rule. For Rule Information :. After this, scroll down and expand Actions :. For Rule Information and Actions : Complete these sections similar to the example above.

Magento 2 Create Coupon Code

Then expand the Conditions section:. This helps identify different discounts. You should allow enough time for the new rule to update into the system. Then, test the rule to make sure that it works correctly. The complete setup of Free Shipping in Magento 2, in five simple steps.

click We hope that you can now offer free shipping to your customers with ease.